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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Bicycle Insurance?

    At Bicycleinsurance.ie we can provide cover for your Mountain Bikes, Commuter Bikes and Leisure Bicycles against Accidental Damage, Theft, Breakdown and Personal Accident.

  • What is covered under the policy?

    We provide cover for Accidental Damage, Theft, Breakdown, and Personal Accident. Please see our Policy Document for full terms and conditions.

  • Do I need to have a brand new bike to get insurance?

    All bikes must be less than 36 months old at time of insurance purchase and must be in your possession and in full working order. There is no upper limit on the age of the bicycle once insured.

  • Am I covered outside Ireland?

    Yes, cover is extended to include use of the bicycle anywhere in the world, up to a total of 60 days in any single 12 month period.

  • Am I covered straight away?

    This policy does not cover any claim made, or any event causing the need for a claim to be made, that occurs within the first 14 days of the start date of the policy unless the bicycle was insured within 30days of purchase.

  • How do I add items or make a change to my policy?

    You can do this by contacting us on 0818 286 511 or email info@bicycleinsurance.ie.

  • Can I add family members to my policy at a later date?

    The policy covers your bicycle whilst in use by a family member. For a definition of a Family please refer to your Policy Document.

  • Am I covered if I lend my bicycle to someone else?

    No. The insurance is only valid for the policy holder and whilst in the care of a family member.

  • What are the main exclusions?

    Theft of the bicycle is not covered unless it is kept inside the home and any security devices such as door locks are in operation.
    Theft of the bicycle from the home is not covered unless it involves forcible and violent entry or exit.
    Theft from any garage, balcony, garden, outbuilding, shed, underground car park or communal hallway is not covered unless the bicycle has been secured to an immovable object with an approved lock through the frame and any quick release wheels substantiated by a sales purchase or till receipt, remains of the lock or the lock key
    Theft away from your home is not covered unless the bicycle has been secured to an immovable object with an approved lock through the frame and any quick release wheels.
    Any claim for cosmetic damage (e.g. scratches) or wear and tear.
    The excess for each claim is €25 or 5% of the insured value shown on your policy schedule, whichever is the higher amount.

  • How do I keep my bicycle safe and fully insured when outside?

    When your bicycle is being kept away from your home, you must make sure that it is locked to an immovable object (any solid object fixed in or on to concrete or stone which cannot be removed or lifted, under or over your bicycle, or, a properly fixed vehicle bicycle rack, or if at a train station, a bicycle rack supplied by the station and under the jurisdiction of the transport police) and that you use an approved lock. Please see our General Security page for mandatory information on securing your bicycle.

  • How do I claim?

    See our Make a Claim page for details on how to submit a claim.

  • Is there an excess?

    Yes, there is an excess fee payable by you of €25 or the amount shown on your policy schedule equal to 5% of the insured value, whichever is the higher amount.

  • Can I cancel a policy I have bought?

    If you decide that for any reason this policy does not meet your insurance needs then please return it to your agent within 14 days of issue. On the condition that no claims have been made or are pending, we will then refund your premium in full. Thereafter you may cancel the insurance cover at any time by informing Bicycleinsurance.ie by email info@bicycleinsurance.ie or telephone 0818 286 511. If you pay your premium by monthly instalments there will be no refund because you will have only paid for the cover you have already received. If you pay the premium annually then provided no claim has been made you will receive a proportionate refund of the annual premium less an administration fee equal to 25% of the annual premium with a minimum fee applying of €10.

  • What charges do I incur when buying a policy?

    We do not charge any additional fees in the supply of your policy.

  • Do I need a receipt?

    Yes. In the event of a claim you will be asked to supply the original receipt for your bicycle and if relevant to your claim you will also be asked for the receipt for your approved lock. Alternatively, bank or credit card statements can be provided and in some circumstances, retailers may be able to provide copy receipts for larger purchases. If no proof of ownership is available you should not insure your bicycle.

  • How will I receive my policy details

    When you purchase insurance via our website you have the option to print off your Validation Certificate, Policy Document, Insurance Product Information Document and our Terms of Business including Schedule of Fees and Charges once the payment has been successfully processed.
    You will also receive a booking confirmation by email to the email address supplied during the booking process. The booking confirmation contains your policy documentations. If you wish you can also request to receive your documents by post as well as email. Please be mindful of your Environmental Impact when selecting your documents to be sent by post.